Major change! State Council: Except for safety and environmental protection issues, all production l

On June 13, the State Council convened a national teleconference on deepening administrative deregulation, decentralization, and administration, and optimizing service reform. State Council Premier Li Keqiang delivered an important speech.

Focus on five 'do'

This year's 'decentralized service' reform focuses on five 'doing':

The first is to lower the threshold for promoting employment and entrepreneurship, focusing on further reducing certificates and promoting 'separation of licenses and licenses', greatly relaxing market access, comprehensively implementing a list management system, and resolutely blocking unnecessary powers from the list.

Second, it is necessary to reduce the burden for various market entities, comprehensively implement structural tax reduction policies, effectively reduce the fees of enterprises involved, and implement the measures that have been implemented this year to reduce the burden of enterprises by 1 trillion yuan.

Third, we must expand the space to stimulate effective investment, break down the constraints that restrict investment, especially private investment, and resolve to completely break the various circles of pre-approval approval. We must promote the reduction of production licenses for industrial products, except for safety and environmental protection issues. In addition, all products with mature technology and technology, which can ensure quality and safety through market mechanism and after-the-fact supervision, will cancel the production license. More than 95% of foreign-invested projects will implement open and convenient measures for record management to attract more foreign investment.

Fourth, we must create conditions for fair business, combine deregulation and re-emphasis, and make clear the rules first, and clarify the behavioral boundaries of market entities, especially the red line that cannot be touched; Market entities that have seriously violated laws and regulations must be resolutely removed from the market, and severe violations of laws and regulations that violate the vital interests of the people must be severely punished. Regardless of whether it is a comprehensive department or a professional department, supervision responsibility must be implemented.

Fifth, we must increase the convenience of people's affairs and work, cut off all kinds of 'wonderful' certificates, cycle certificates, and repeated certificates, and vigorously improve the utility of water, electricity, gas, heating and other public institutions and banks and other service organizations that are closely related to people's lives Service quality and efficiency. Break the 'island of information' and improve the level of facilitation of government services.

Promote the transformation of government functions and minimize approvals

The current government has focused on handling the relationship between the government and the market, and in accordance with the requirements for the market to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources and better play the role of the government, it has always grasped the bullish nose of the 'decentralization of service' reform and pushed forward steadily Transformation of Government Functions.

This is a profound inward self-revolution. By reforming the traditional management system with approval as the main content, removing the rent-seeking power and improper benefits associated with approval and issuance, and changing the 'accompaniment with approval and issuance' 'Housekeeping skills', to promote the government to accelerate adaptation to the requirements of the development of the socialist market economy, minimize approvals, take multiple measures to strengthen supervision, continue to innovate and optimize services, create a convenient and fair market environment, and stimulate market vitality and social creativity. Promote the modernization of government governance system.

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