Strengthen the construction of industry culture, vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmen

Why has the construction industry made great contributions to the country's economic and social construction, but the social image and status of the entire industry has always been difficult to satisfy?

Why does the government make great efforts to rectify the construction market, but illegal and illegal behaviors often occur?

Why can our construction industry overcome many world-class technical problems, but the common quality problems such as building leakage have not been solved well?

In addition to the system's ills, inadequate legal system, and problem-oriented misalignment, one of the most fundamental reasons is the serious lag in the construction of industry culture and the general lack of craftsmanship.

The report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China states: 'Culture is the blood of the nation and the spiritual home of the people. To build a well-off society in an all-round way and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we must promote the great development and prosperity of socialist culture and raise a new upsurge in socialist cultural construction. , Improve the national cultural soft power, give play to the role of culture to guide fashion, educate people, serve the society, and promote development. 'At the two sessions this year, the' artisan spirit 'that attracted much attention also appeared in the government work report for the first time, showing the construction of China The urgent need of socialism with special characteristics to strengthen cultural construction and carry forward the spirit of artisans has also found the soul and direction for strengthening cultural construction in all walks of life.

First, cultural construction has become a shortcoming of the sustainable development of the construction industry

Since the reform and opening up, the construction industry has developed rapidly and has become a pillar industry of the national economy. Our construction technology, scientific research level, and project management have made great progress. Many of them have ranked among the world's advanced, but the industry has not formed a complete set of common values and rules of behavior. The hard work and hard work of the builders and the contribution of the construction industry to the development of the national economy and urbanization have not been universally understood and respected by society, and their credibility and status have long been in a weak position. On the one hand, many companies are just staying verbal because they are pursuing quality and operating with integrity. They are not internalized into codes of conduct, and they are far from forming professional habits. In particular, incidents such as 'Heartman foreman', 'Lao Lai', 'Tofu Project', 'Fragile Buildings', 'Bridge Collapse', and 'Slimming Steel Bars', which occurred frequently in previous years, have been reported in newspapers and the Internet, which have caused widespread social agitation. The huge response has seriously damaged the image of the construction industry. On the other hand, we cannot fail to see that because the industry authorities have always attached more importance to technical and management policy guidance and not enough attention to cultural construction, the cultural construction of the industry has been seriously lagging behind, lacking soft power, and the positive energy and main theme have not been timely received. It was widely publicized, and many touching stories were insufficiently reported. Good things did not go out, and accidents spread to all people.

In recent years, many companies have begun to attach importance to and build corporate culture, established their own corporate spirit, management philosophy, operating principles, employee codes, etc., formed the common values of employees, and effectively promoted the development of the enterprise. However, in general, the cultural construction of quite a few companies is just some slogans, staying at the level of external forms. Nearly 100,000 enterprises, large and small, have a small percentage of companies that really value brand image and focus on corporate culture. 'Culture and culture, writing on paper, hanging on the wall; the leaders said at a meeting, the boss came to boast,' is basically a true portrayal of the construction of many corporate cultures.

I saw these problems. After many years of incubation, the China Construction Industry Association formally established the Architectural History and Corporate Culture Branch in January this year, in an effort to promote the construction of corporate culture, build industry culture, and promote the spirit of the industry. The positioning of the Architectural History and Corporate Culture Branch is to publicize and implement the party and state's guidelines and policies on the construction industry's reform and development and cultural construction, and to provide relevant government media with timely information on industry cultural construction; and And the values of mutual observance, and make recommendations to the government on cultural construction; the third is to investigate the development laws and cultural construction of different enterprises, to promote excellent corporate culture and hard work spirit in the industry; the fourth is to carry out the construction of construction enterprise culture Communication and training to improve the professional ethics and cultural literacy of employees; the fifth is to study, collect, and record the history of construction development in industries and regions, and pay attention to the growth of entrepreneurs and ordinary employees.

2. Strengthening the construction of corporate culture is an urgent need to enhance the soft power of the industry

General Secretary Xi Xi proposed at the 'National Conference on Propaganda and Ideology' in 2013 that 'speak Chinese stories and spread Chinese voices'. We must conscientiously study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi ’s important speech, focusing on the need to increase publicity in all walks of life and do a good job of implementation.

As the pillar industry of the national economy, the key to whether the construction industry story can be told well and whether a good voice can be heard lies in the thousands of construction enterprises. The fundamental way to improve the image and influence of the industry is to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, enrich and enhance the spiritual culture of the enterprise, cultivate good working habits, and consciously abide by professional ethics and standards. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen publicity and completely change the embarrassing situation of the construction industry: 'capable not to speak, not to speak, not to say, not to say even after doing it.'

This year is the beginning of the 'Thirteenth Five-Year Plan'. The country's economic development will enter the 'new normal' in an all-round way, and the central government will propose structural reforms on the supply side. The structural reform of the supply side of the construction industry not only faces the innovation and reform of eliminating excess capacity, industrial structure adjustment and construction methods, and contracting models, but also needs to continuously expand service items, improve service quality, optimize product quality, and form a good industry atmosphere, habits, conscious. The construction industry is closely related to the work of all walks of life and the lives of ordinary people. The behavior, words and deeds of every construction company, every project, and even every practitioner will affect the image of the entire industry. To improve the soft power of the industry, we must vigorously implement the core values of socialism. Starting from the corporate culture and project culture, we must actively and timely tell the good stories of the builders, respond to the social concerns in a timely and truthful manner, and show initiative in the field of communication. Earn the right to speak, so that the whole society and the world can more fully and objectively understand the Chinese construction industry.

With the deepening of reforms, more enterprises will merge and restructure in the future to form a mixed ownership economy. The transformation, upgrading and integrated development of enterprises involve profound changes in ideas and thoughts, and more urgently require the guidance and support of advanced corporate culture. Especially with the increasing downward pressure on the economy, competition in the construction market has become more intense. This kind of competition must also be reflected in the competition of corporate culture to a certain extent. Because a strong company must rely on the support of a self-reliant, confident and self-strengthening corporate culture. The numerous hundreds of years of companies in Germany and Japan, as well as domestic companies such as Tongrentang, Haier, Huawei, including our industry's Golden Mantis, China Construction 3rd Bureau, China Construction 8th Bureau and other well-known enterprises have fully proved that only through advocating down-to-earth, meticulous, and excellence The spirit of artisans who work hard, strengthen the industry culture from the perspective of improving industry services, improving product quality, and strengthening the soft power of enterprises, so that companies can be stronger, bigger and better, and can be invincible in domestic and international markets. forest.

  33. To strengthen the construction of corporate culture in the construction industry, we must promote the spirit of craftsmen and inherit the culture of Luban

Each industry has its own historical heritage and cultural heritage. For the Chinese construction industry, the most representative traditional culture is the Luban culture. The distinctive characteristics of Luban culture have three essences: one is superb, the second is hard work, and the third is innovation. Facing the challenge of the 'new normal' of economic development, strengthening the construction of corporate culture, carrying forward the spirit of craftsmen and inheriting the culture of Luban, and enhancing the soft power of enterprises, has a strong practical significance for the sustainable development of the construction industry in the new period.

First, the promotion of the spirit of craftsmen and the inheritance of the Luban culture is a concrete manifestation of the construction industry's active implementation of the party and the country's requirements for the promotion of outstanding national traditional culture.

Jairuban was an outstanding craftsman and outstanding inventor in ancient China. He combines ingenuity, ethics, and virtue. He cleverly defeated, established rules, taught and puzzled, be good at others, innovated, and helped others. He left our nation with more material creation and production of spiritual civilization. History is the root and culture is the soul. Thirty years ago, we created the Luban Award, which has had a huge impact in the industry, and the Luban culture has been better reflected. However, in recent years, some companies have incorporated more utilitarianism when applying for the Luban Awards, ignoring the spread of Luban culture and the improvement of business management concepts. In order to get the Luban Award, even a very few enterprises have taken bad measures that are harmful to the social atmosphere, and have seriously deviated from the spirit of Luban culture. In addition, due to the limited number of places, more companies do not have the opportunity and ability to apply for the Luban Award, and the impact of Luban culture on these companies is very limited. Luban culture has not yet become the cultural identity and value pursuit of the entire industry. Many employees do not understand Luban culture at all. Therefore, vigorously carrying out 'promoting the spirit of craftsmen and inheriting the Luban cultural activities' is not only the inheritance of excellent national traditional culture, but also the best form and starting point for consolidating and sublimating the 'Striving for the Luban Award Project'.

Today, the industry is facing transformation and upgrading, and increasingly attaches importance to the spirit of artisans. The construction industry is the first to carry out this activity. It combines excellent traditional culture and spiritual heritage with the pulse of the times. It has unique industry characteristics and will definitely inject positive energy into society and generate Better social benefits and enhance the social influence of the construction industry.

Second, promoting the spirit of craftsmen and inheriting the culture of Luban is an extension and sublimation of the two-year action of project quality governance, which is conducive to fostering an advanced industry culture, and is continually promoting the improvement of project quality and production safety.

Minister Chen Zhenggao pointed out at the National Engineering Quality Governance Two-Year Action Video Conference call that through the two-year action of engineering quality governance, a batch of existing problems can be concentrated, especially by solving a problem and establishing a new system and mechanism , Forming a habit, and even a culture. Focusing on the quality of the project for two years, it is not that it will not be discontinued in the future. In the future, a new action plan must be designed, and it will continue to be normalized. The reason why the Luban Award Project that I will carry out has a strong influence in the industry and society is that this event has formed an incentive mechanism, established a brand, and became a company's fine management, honest management, and social development. The pursuit of the image has become the industry's incentive to advance, advocating competition, contributing to the society, and demonstrating that the construction industry regards improving project quality as its life's determination and witness.

Third, promoting the spirit of craftsmen and inheriting the culture of Luban is conducive to promoting front-line workers to learn technology and drill business, improve the overall quality of the industry, and help build a new type of construction industry workers.

The construction industry is a labor-intensive industry. The quality of front-line workers directly affects the quality of construction products and production safety. Vigorously promoting the spirit of craftsmen, inheriting the Luban culture, praising the typical characters in the construction industry, spreading good stories in the construction industry, singing good voices in the construction industry, can guide the public to change the impression of 'earth, rough, dirty, tired' in the construction industry, effectively Enhance the professional reputation of the builders and form a culture of excellence and excellence in the industry, thereby attracting more migrant workers and outstanding young people to join the construction industry, inspiring front-line practitioners to love their jobs and work hard to learn new technologies And master new skills, so as to lay the foundation for creating a high-quality new industrial worker team.

Fourth, carrying forward the spirit of craftsmen and inheriting the culture of Luban is conducive to enhancing the reputation of Chinese construction brands and helping construction companies to better implement the 'going out' strategy around the 'Belt and Road' economic circle.

Since the beginning of this century, China's construction industry's foreign contracting project business has developed rapidly, the scale has been expanding, and the quality and efficiency have been increasing year by year. But many companies fail more than succeed, and learn more than experience. In addition to some objective reasons, a major subjective factor is that Chinese companies often kill each other, especially individual companies have brought the bad habits of the domestic market to the international market, which has seriously damaged the reputation of Chinese companies in the international community. With the implementation of the national “Belt and Road” strategy, the majority of construction enterprises have entered the pre-war plan and strived to be a new force. This has even more urgently required an excellent culture to lead the enterprise to regulate behavior. On October 11, 2014, Premier Li Keqiang, who was visiting Germany, presented German Chancellor Merkel with a small and exquisite Luban lock made of aluminum alloy, which not only reflects his confidence in ancient Chinese craftsmanship, but also provides us with The new thinking of uploading Chengluban culture internationally and demonstrating China's construction to achieve the perfect combination of traditional skills and modern technology has put forward new requirements. Once a large number of construction enterprises with strong artisan spirit and Luban culture are recognized internationally, once China ’s Luban culture is respected and recognized internationally, it will inevitably help Chinese construction enterprises to better “go global”. Establish a good image internationally.

    Fourth, carry forward the spirit of craftsmen and inherit the culture of Luban, industry associations should take the lead

To carry forward the spirit of craftsmen and inherit the culture of Luban, we must first give full play to the driving force of the spirit of craftsmen to the development of the industry. At the same time, we must study and explore the profound connotation of Luban culture. In recent years, combined with the theoretical innovation and experience accumulation of corporate culture construction in the practice of the vast number of enterprises creating the Luban Award Project, we believe that Luban culture should also be given new connotations in the new period:

——Strictly abide by the rules, the true nature of the craftsman.

——Innovative consciousness of diligent thinking and courageous exploration.

—— hardworking, hardworking, dedicated dedication.

——Pay attention to science and technology, and seek a pragmatic and scientific attitude.

——Brand strategy of excellence and pursuit of excellence.

——Industrial style that supports each other and win-win cooperation.

Jairus culture is not a slogan, it needs to be internalized in everyone and in their hearts. Proceeding from the responsibilities of the industry associations, we propose that a wave of vigorous promotion and promotion of the spirit of craftsmen and inheritance of the Luban culture be established in the construction industry as soon as possible, and we hope to get the attention and support of all relevant departments.

First, it is recommended that the competent construction department list 'promote the spirit of craftsmen and inherit the Luban culture' as an important task in the reform and development of the construction industry, as the core content of the industry cultural construction and the promotion of soft power, and system construction, mechanism construction, and system construction. The four are in one, and work together from top to bottom. Like launching a two-year action on project quality governance, mobilize the strength of all parties such as industry associations, mainstream media, and excavate typical deeds, spreading fanfare and reporting.

Second, organize and carry out related activities, edit and publish related books, and tell the story of the construction industry. In particular, it is necessary to jointly support the relevant media and art groups to compile and record a batch of cultural and artistic works with the main theme and positive energy of the industry, and vigorously publicize and promote the brilliant achievements and great achievements of the construction industry in socialist construction. This year is the 30th anniversary of the founding of China Construction Industry Association. We will take this as an opportunity to further strengthen and promote the construction of the industry culture, and start the commendation of outstanding craftsmen from big countries.

Third, reshape and promote the excellent traditional education model of “teachers and apprentices” throughout the industry. In areas where traditional construction techniques are advantageous, the training of construction tradesmen and craftsmen will be included in the scope of vocational education, increase school support, establish a subsidy system for skilled craftsmen and apprentices, and improve and improve the long-term guarantee mechanism for professional training, level recognition and performance evaluation of skilled workers; Promote the good experience of “One Gang One” and “Teachers and Disciples” that some companies have matured, and pass on the character and technology to the disciples through the education model of mentoring. At the same time, it is necessary to continuously improve and improve the working environment and wages and benefits of front-line workers to promote the transition of migrant workers to new industrial workers.

Fourth, in the education of architectural vocational schools, implantation

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