Shanghai YueBen Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. The company is located in Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park, covering an area of 18000 ㎡, with more than 350 employees. We highly focus on providing boutique props to luxury stores, high-end hotels, public places and so on. The design, manufacture and installation of commercial exhibition and high-end furniture have made us the benchmark enterprise in the national commercial exhibition industry.We have rich experiences in factory-based group operation mode; various advanced equipment and comprehensive supporting facilities are also the guarantee to achieve our goals. Moreover, the existing senior project design team and project construction team possess professional project management abilities as well as practical service spirit. There is no doubt that depend on our former successful cooperation with those famous luxury brands, the controllability of the management process has been enhanced, more risks and losses can be avoided, thus more and more companies will be benefited in the futur...
Enterprise values

Integrity: be honest and do things conscientiously

Health: healthy enterprise health

Happy: happy work, happy life

Growth: actively strive for excellence

Enterprise mission

Carry forward Chinese quality manufacturing

Enhance value for customers

Create a happy life for employees

Yueben company regards product quality as its own life, pursues the perfect presentation of "zero defect", introduces the world's most advanced machinery and equipment, implements the quality management standard mode, and provides quality assurance for customers. Strict quality inspection and accountability

1. The quality inspection system of "check at all levels, be responsible at all levels" and "which level makes mistakes, which level is responsible at all levels".

2. Implement the quality inspection reward system of "challenge and reward".

3. Reasonable requirements and suggestions of customers, unconditional realization

August 2005
Mr. Wang led his uncle and his family to rent 150 square meters of small factory in Qingpu nursery to process hardware products by hand.
March 2006
Moved to xinfengnan Road, Fengxi, Qingpu, covering an area of 400 ㎡, with 15 people working on metal props.
April 2006
Shanghai angben metal products Co., Ltd. is officially registered, with 26 employees and 3 CNC machines. It has been processing metal props for 4 years.
September 2007
Shanghai angben metal products Co., Ltd. has expanded its workshop to 800 ㎡ in Xinfeng South Road.
October 2009
On October 5, Shanghai AnBen metal products Co., Ltd. moved to No. 581, Lane 4490, Jiasong Middle Road, covering an area of 1700 ㎡, with 12 CNC machines and more than 60 people.
March 2010
Shanghai angben metal products Co., Ltd. was changed to Shanghai yueben Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. in the same year, the company purchased high-power laser cutting machine and multi position CNC tower punch, and added a high-precision CNC gouging machine.
March 2011
The new yueben antique copper workshop covers an area of 1000 ㎡, with 11 people.
October 2013
The new dusting workshop covers an area of 2500 ㎡, with 13 people.
January 2014
The newly-built carpentry workshop covers an area of 3000 ㎡, with 9 people.
January 2016
The company has rented No. 123, Xingao Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai, with a factory area of 13000 ㎡ and 210 employees.
June 2016
The company's hardware workshop and woodworking workshop were officially moved to No. 123, Xingao Road, Qingpu District and officially produced.
June 2018
We have obtained the certificate of high-tech enterprise
July 2019
We have obtained the second level qualification of architectural decoration