(Work in Progress) In order to meet the needs of international and domestic high-end customer market, we have built a professional elite team who is constantly improving the overall skill level of the enterprise

   Yueben is committed to building a professional elite team and continually improving the skill level. As the company grows, there are new opportunities for employees to learn and grow together with the company.

  “Yue” in our name YueBen means “to go over (a step/level)”. And “Ben” means “to run” in Chinese. Therefore, in YueBen, our elite team is always running hard and progressing to another level. As the famous saying goes, “If you are not moving forward, you are moving backwards.”

   Thanks to our team’s commitment to progress, we have made great strides to achieve what we have today and become one of the most influential enterprises within the industry. 

   In Yueben, we believe that the quality of each product reflects the quality of the craftsman that make it. Thus, we groom our employees in YueBen into the finest craftsmen that they can be.

The expertise of a master craftsman is a core factor in product quality. We have many master craftsmen who have spent thousands of hours honing their craft.

Our master craftsmen can operate any high-precision production equipment with ease and grace.

The final products handmade by our master craftsmen are all first grade, which eventually will go out internationally to be enjoyed by the customers in the shops of our luxury brand clients.