Grinding process operation specifications

Grinding scope: The grinding of weld joints and the arc starting and ending points of segment welding are polished by a straight grinder.

Technical requirements: The grinding of the weld joint requires the shape to be consistent with the remaining height of the weld; the grinding of the arc starting point and the arc closing point of the segment welding requires no sharp edges on the surface when the welding defects are removed; The amount to be removed does not exceed 0.1mm as a standard.

Operation method:

        1. When grinding long welds, use an angle grinder or straight handle equipped with a stainless steel bowl brush, and the grinder will grind in the direction of the weld;

        2. Welding seams that require laser tracking automatic welding can only be polished with a straight-hand sander;

        3. Use a louver to polish the welding surface when welding the attachment to a workpiece with a relatively large welding surface.

        4. When the angle grinder is working, it should be parallel to the surface to be polished so that the remaining height of the weld is removed; when the weld has dents, it is standard not to hurt the parent metal.

        5, polished metal luster, ensure that there is no oxide film in the welding area, the grinding pattern is parallel and uniform to the direction of the weld seam, the polished surface requires smooth; does not hurt the parent metal, the removal of the parent metal does not exceed 0.1mm; The surface texture of the part to be sanded must be consistent. It is strictly forbidden to sand along the direction of the welding seam, and to remove the surface scratches and sand along the direction of the vertical ribs being processed.

        6. Use the angle grinder to grind the space that the angle grinder can use; use the straight grinder to grind the space that the angle grinder cannot use.

        7. The cutting of the profile hacksaw, if the burr after the sawing affects the quality of the product, it should be cleaned with an angle grinder or a file in time.

        8. The steel plate is cut and cut. If the burr after cutting affects the quality of the product, it is necessary to use a file or an angle grinder to clean up the burr after cutting.

        9. Punching burrs, drill cuttings, flashes, and hole burrs can be cleaned with chamfers or shot blasting wheels. Flashes and discs should be cleaned with a flat shovel or an angle grinder.

        10. Quality inspection after grinding, whether the overall size after grinding meets the product size requirements. After grinding, the surface of the part should be smooth, no uneven holes or poor welding, and no obvious uneven grinding on the surface of the part.

Safety Precautions:

        1. Wear protective masks (or protective masks) and glasses when working.

        2. Before work, check whether the grinding wheel is damaged, whether the safety protection device is intact, and whether the ventilation and dust removal device is effective.

        3. When installing, pay attention to the tightening degree of the nut. It should be compacted so that no slippage occurs during the grinding wheel movement. When there are multiple compaction screws, they should be tightened gradually and diagonally.

        4. After the grinding wheel is installed, the protective cover must be reinstalled, and then trial rotation is required. For straight grinding wheels, idle for 5 minutes. When the grinding wheel rotates, no obvious vibration is allowed.

        5. When grinding, you should start the dust suction device first, hold the workpiece firmly, do not use too much force, do not use the lever to push the components, it is strictly prohibited to stand on the front of the grinding wheel to prevent the wheel from rupturing and hurting people.

        6. Grinding wheels that are not specifically used for face grinding are prohibited from grinding with the face.

        7. When using a hand-held electric grinder for grinding, you must have a solid protective cover and a protective neutral wire, or be equipped with a leakage protector, and observe the following safe operating rules for electric hand-wheels.

        8. When two or more people are working at the same time, they are not allowed to work in the same direction at the same time to prevent accidents.

        9. The concave and convex parts of the workpiece should be lightly polished. Do not use excessive force or sharpen the edges and corners of the workpiece to prevent the grinding wheel from being broken.

        10. After the work is completed, the power should be cut off, and the wheel can only be left after confirming that the grinding wheel has stopped.

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